Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Operation Heartbreaker

Operation Heartbreakermy current young adult novel, is online and if you are quick you can get it for $0.99: click & clack
The paperback will be available in a few days. To warm you up, I've made this trailer I'd like to show you. I hope you'll enjoy. 

That's not how Ally had envisioned her day. First, her uncle turns out to be a genuine crook. Then she finds out that her dad didn't get killed years ago, but is the head of a powerful syndicate, hiding in Paris. In order to track him down, the seventeen year old interferes with his business, forcing him to resurface. 
Falling for the enemy wasn't part of the plan. 

Viktor doesn’t just look hot. He is Mr. Bad Boy, a player and well-known womanizer. Moreover, he is the son of the Russian oligarch, Sergej Iwanow, the Mafia boss of Paris, who has put a prize on Ally’s father’s head. 

Is Viktor just playing with Ally or did he seriously fall in love with her?